A Fit and Happy New Year’s walk: Royal Parks, Little Venice and Camden

A healthy start of the year: Join us for a New Year’s Nordic Walk on Monday 1 January 2018 On our first Explorer walks of the year we will explore the Royal Parks and (re)discover many of London’s attractions and historic sites. We will start our walk in front of Buckingham Palace. We will walk through Green park, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens to Bayswater and Paddington, and on to…Keep Reading

17 December: Nordic Walking from Finsbury Park to Hampstead Heath

Nordic Walking around London. On this second of our two Explorer walks in December we will return to north London to explore the area between Finsbury Park and Hampstead Heath. This walk takes us along the Stoke Newington reservoirs, along the new river, beautiful Finsbury Park, through London’s longest nature reserve -along a disused railway line-, through Highgate and Hampstead Heath. En route we will dip through cuttings and under…Keep Reading

9 December: Nordic Walking in Epping Forest

Nordic Walking and Exploring London. A great combination. Get fit, meet new friends and enjoy nature, all without even leaving the Big Smoke. On this first of our two Explorer walks in December we will explore the grassland, glades, and splendid woodlands of Epping Forest, once part of the vast royal hunting grounds of the Forest of Essex. This walk takes us through a varied mixture of dense woodland and…Keep Reading

19 November: Join our Explorer walk in Guildford

Our November Explorer walk will explore the area between Guildford and Dorking. We will follow the river Wey and its historic towpaths, the North Downs Way and Pilgrim’s Way. We will take time to visit a very special chapel on our way, which is one of the best examples of Art Nouveau in the UK. For hundreds of years, this historic route was used by those making pilgrimages to pray…Keep Reading

27 October: Fright night walk and Haloween Party

Mad Old Bats, Witches and Wizzards, Ghosts and Pumpkins, please get your outfit ready, adorn yourself with some lights* and get ready for our Fright Night walk! Please save the date and join us for the 4th annual Fit and Happy Outdoors Fright night walk. As is the tradition by now, it will be followed by our famous Chilli and Pumpkin soup and we might find some Marshmallows for on…Keep Reading

October walk: The beginning and end of Daylight Saving Time

Nordic Walking and exploring London. A great combination! Our October walk is a walk in the woods and fields to enjoy the colours of autumn and some spectacular views. This time we will explore some hidden gems in Bromley in South East London. Will you join us? This is possibly the best place in London to celebrate the last day before the time “Falls back” for Autumn: this walk will…Keep Reading

Get a spring in your step: join our Nordic Walking week in Holland

The Netherlands is of course not just about tulips and cheese, but we will definitely see a lot of those. And cows, lots of cows. And canals, and windmills and lots and lots of bicycles. But we will be mostly Nordic Walking, not cycling. Come and join us for a fabulous holiday week in the Netherlands in April 2018! You will be sleeping in your own room in a very…Keep Reading

Still 2 places available for our Nordic Walking week in Ithaka Greece

Come and join us for this incredible holiday in Ithaka, Greece! In October, when London will be getting grey and wet, Greece is still warm and mostly dry. Most of the tourists will have gone by then, but it is an amazing time to go. No longer swelteringly hot, we can explore this beautiful unspoilt island in the Ionian sea. For more information and to sign up, please go to…Keep Reading

23 September: A green walk from Wimbledon to Richmond

Nordic Walking in London. Join us for our September walk: a beautiful walk from Wimbledon to Richmond. After two walks outside of London, it is time to explore the green walkways of London again. And this one proves once more that it is possible to go for miles and miles, without ever walking on a road. It includes the little-known gem of Cannizaro Park, the wide – and surprisingly wild…Keep Reading

Tony covers classes while Ailien practices Nordic limping

Ailien is temporarily out of action. While she was moving some furniture she managed to drop a marble tabletop on her foot. Her big toe didn’t like it and broke. The doctor tells her to keep it high, keep it iced and to rest it for a while. This means no Nordic Walking for her for 2-3 weeks. Tony has been so kind to offer to run the classes in…Keep Reading

19 August: A seaside walk from Faversham to Whitstable

Come and join us on this beautiful Seaside walk to celebrate summer. We will start this walk in Faversham, then followe the little known marshy coast of North Kent to Whitstable, where we can dip our feet in the sea and enjoy a drink and some seafood, before we take the train back home. Faversham is an unexpected delight, with picture book medieval streets radiating from a pretty and bustling…Keep Reading

4 August: Join us for a BBQ and celebrate that Ailien is not 50 yet!

I would be delighted if you would join me to celebrate my birthday, and that I have another year of not being 50 yet! 😉 My actual birthday is on Wednesday, but the weather doesn’t look to attractive tomorrow night, so we will do it on Friday evening instead. There is no need to bring any pressies; just bring yourself, a smile, a friend if you wish, some drinks and…Keep Reading

October: Nordic walking week in Ithaka, Greece

Come and join us for this incredible holiday in Ithaka, Greece! In October, when London will be getting grey and wet, Greece is still warm and mostly dry. Most of the tourists will have gone by then, but it is an amazing time to go. No longer swelteringly hot, we can explore this beautiful unspoilt island in the Ionian sea. We are spoilt for choice for walks, and we will…Keep Reading

July walk: A walk along the river Darent and the Lavender fields

Come and join us on this beautiful walk along the valley of the dreamy river Darent, through wheat and lavender fields. We will pass castles and roman villas, see birds of prey and an enormous Victorian railway bridge. We will follow some small country roads, but most of the routes are off-road, away from the cars. Along the way we will visit the Hop shop, where you can find all…Keep Reading

Midsummer party: puzzlewalk, campfire and bbq

On Sunday 25 June, we would be delighted if you would join us for an adventurous puzzle walk/ nature quiz/ treasure hunt, ending with a campfire and barbeque. Make sure to team up with some friends, as you will walk and puzzle your way to our campfire in little teams of 5. You and your friends do not have to be Nordic Walkers, but if you would like to borrow…Keep Reading

June : Join us for a kayak challenge and take part in the Vogalonga in Venice

Join us for a unique weekend in Venice. We will spend our Saturday touring the city as very few others will ever do. Our kayaks will give us the freedom to visit the well known canals and sights as well as the much less known smaller canals of this beautiful city. We will get to know our kayaks, rest, enjoy lovely Venetian food, to get ready for our challenge: The…Keep Reading

Join our May walk: The green banks of the river Thames and a visit to Chiswick House Gardens

Our May walk is on Sunday 21 May 2017. Let’s go for a lovely walk along the river Thames, visit the gardens of Chiswick House, enjoy the views from Hammersmith Bridge and explore a Leg of Mutton… (No, that’s a nature reserve, not Sunday Roast) On our walk we will take some time to explore the gardens and conservatory of Chiswick House. The kitchen gardens are not normally open to…Keep Reading

Join our Easter walk! East London Bluebells and Ancient forests

Looking forward to Easter? Me too! And what better day than Easter Monday to explore ancient forests and woodlands in a lesser known part of London? Join us on Easter Monday for an adventurous Easter Walk, starting only 35 minutes from Denmark Hill station. This walk will lead us through grasslands, heaths and ancient forests, and will end by the intriguing ruin of Lesnes Abbey. Lesnes Abbey Wood is one…Keep Reading

Sea Kayak adventure talk – new date 15 February 2017

Missed Ailien’s story about her sea kayak adventure in September and 7 February? We didn’t want to disappoint you so we have added a new date: Join us 15 February at the Milkwood Bar in Herne Hill for another chance to hear and see it first hand. In June 2016, Fit and Happy Outdoors Founder Ailien got into her kayak and paddled out of the Thames then turned right. She…Keep Reading

Join us for a New Year’s lunch!

Join us for warm wishes and good cheer at the Fit and Happy Outdoors New Year’s Lunch at the Provencal. Catch up with your friends after the Christmas break, or take this chance to meet Nordic walkers who usually walk in a different park, or on a different day. We would love to see you 13 Januari 2017. We will make our way to the Provencal in Herne Hill after…Keep Reading