Nordic Walking 7.30 am

Thursdays- Brockwell Park

Nordic Walking 7.30 am

Nordic Walking before work? Start your day with an early morning nordic walk, every Thursday 7.30 am in Brockwell Park, southeast London. Start your day with a refreshing and invigorating walk before work and you will be ready for whatever the rest of the day will throw at you.

Our Workout walks always last approximately one hour. We make sure you work at a level that will get the most out of every step you take. Our focus is on progression, intensity and variety. We will use your existing skills and build on it, making sure you keep motivated and inspired!

We start with a nice and easy warm up, loosening our muscles and getting the blood flowing. Then we will start Nordic Walking, explore the park, using all its features: hills, park benches, trees and tree trunks. Our exercises will get your heart rate up, but our walks are always super friendly and sociable, chatting and laughing is not only allowed, it is encouraged! And at the end of the session a super relaxing stretch, sure to get any leftover knots out of your shoulders and back.

Our workout walks are designed to get results fast and are ideal for those with time pressures. Every session is different, but the beauty is: When you are Nordic walking, you are working harder than you think. You can burn up to 45% more calories than during normal walking and as we incorporate the latest science and include high intensity interval training, giving even better results.

Our groups are small, so we can personalise and adapt the sessions to your goals, your body and fitness level.

Interested to take part? Once you have completed your learn to nordic walk course (with us or any Nordic Walking UK participating instructors), you are very welcome to join! For prices and to pay for your session, please click here

In order to participate in a walk, please rsvp on our Meetup group. RSVP closes 8 pm the evening before.

We walk in all safe weather conditions if a minimum of three walkers sign up – if a walk is cancelled, we will contact you to let you know. Please check for text messages or Meetup updates (RSVP on Meetup to receive automatic updates) before leaving home.