An evening walk to see Lumiere

Central London

An evening walk to see Lumiere

Lumiere London is back! Let’s go and see it together on Thursday 18 January: Get fit while socialising and enjoying art. And you will see some of the most iconic parts of London, too. How cool is that. Be ready to be bowled over, we loved it when they came to London before! We will meet at 6.30 pm in Waterloo Station and will be out most of the evening. Oh, and because I love your company and this event so much, I am not charging a thing. So, sign up and join us, what is stopping you?

Bigger, brighter and bolder, the Lumiere London light festival returns for a spectacular second edition. More than 40 UK and international artists reimagine London’s iconic architecture and streets, transforming the city into a dazzling nocturnal art exhibition. Lumiere is free and takes place north and south of the river Thames.

We will try to see as much of Lumiere as possible, starting at Southbank & Waterloo, then on to the Westend, Fitzrovia and Mayfair, Victoria and ending our walk near Westminster, leaving the only area we will not visit tonight- Kings Cross- to you for another day. (Lumiere will be until Sunday night, so you can come back to see things you loved, and ofcourse anything we miss tonight)

We will take ample time to enjoy the spectacle, so don’t expect a fast walk. But we will cover quite a distance, so make sure you you are up to that and wear comfortable and warm walking shoes.

• What to bring
January evenings can be freezing, so make sure to dress warmly! We might try to stop somewhere for a drink and a loo break, so bring some money, but Lumiere attracts a lot of people – it might not be as easy as other nights to find a place for all of us to sit.

• Important to know
This is a social walk, and we aim to stay together as a group. This might mean we sometimes have to wait for each other. And also that we keep an eye out for each other so we don’t lose anybody! Did I already mention it? Dress up warm!

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