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Fit and Happy with Parkinson’s, does that sound possible to you? On 22 February we have started a new 10 week course for people in the early stages of Parkinson’s, and their partners and loved ones are welcome to join. A new course will start in the beginning of May, with taster sessions on Thursday 12 April and 19 April at 12 noon in Dulwich Park. Make sure to contact us if you are interested to join!

Since I started teaching Nordic Walking, I have been very interested in the new science around neuro plasticity and plasticity of the brain. In our classes you will often hear me talking about ‘use it or lose it’, and when I say that, I don’t just mean muscle strength. It is becoming clearer and clearer, that if we don’t make certain movements, it will get harder and harder to do that. Not just because we become stiff and inflexible, but because our brain is designed to be as efficient as possible.

If you do everything with your right arm, then the brain cells and nerve cells that control the movement in your left arm will not get used so often. Just like a gardener prunes a rosebush, your brain will ‘prune’ the connections to your lesser used hand, in order to send more information to your dominant hand. You could avoid this by purposefully using your left hand more, for instance, you could try brushing your teeth with your left hand.

Feeling unbalanced? Don’t like walking on uneven ground? If you always walk on flat paving, your brain will save energy and make you less able to balance on uneven ground. And If you always look at the ground when you are walking, your brain will start relying on your eyes more and more, and might weaken the connections with the sensory system in your feet. That could cause you to trip over, or feel insecure when you have to look up to look at the traffic. So we try walking backwards and concentrate on feeling with our feet.

For people with Parkinson’s, the newest science of neuroplasticity can be used to slow down the progression of Parkinson’s, and in some cases even turn back some of the symtoms.

Our unique classes combine the concepts of neuroplasticity, Nordic Walking and Somatic education to help you maintain your quality of life. Our classes can help you to keep doing the things you love most. It can help with balance and strength, arm swing and stride length. It can help you with simple things as turning over in bed, or cooking a meal for your loved ones. Or it can help you to have more energy to play with your grandchildren. It can help you go on adventures again, to walk and enjoy nature. To be free and more independent.

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