Nordic Strength 7.00 pm

Mondays - Sydenham Woods

Nordic Strength 7.00 pm

Nordic Walking strength training in Sydenham Woods.

Going skiing soon? Want to get fitter and stronger? Then join us for this special Nordic strength and fitness training. Every Monday evening at 7.00 pm, rain or shine.

We use your Nordic Walking poles and the Gymstick bungies I will provide, to turn our Nordic Walking into a proper strength training session. No gym in sight though, just trees, foxes, the odd owl and a couple of bats.

We will walk a shorter distance than in other Nordic Walking sessions, but but don’t be fooled, you will definitely feel this one. This session is super fun and social. Definitely give this one a try. Nobody will tell you off for chatting or laughing, we will just join in!

To keep our session safe, we will use the well lit and well paved areas of Cox’s walk and Sydenham woods.

Our Workout walks always last approximately one hour. We make sure you work at a level that will really get the most out of every step you take. Our focus is on progression, intensity and variety. We will use your existing skills and build on it, making sure you keep motivated and inspired!

It doesn’t matter if you are already fit, haven’t really moved in a while, if you are overweight or skinny, if you are a fast walker or a slow walker. We will make sure everyone gets the workout they need, and no one feels left behind.

Are you on ? Wouldn’t mind joining? We would be delighted if you would click on the Meetup logo to join our group! You will see all our current walks and can easily book your place by RSVP’ing for the taster session of your choice.

Not on Meetup yet? Please text Ailien on 078 078 3456 4 and let her know if you need to borrow any of our poles.

Want to prepay for more than one walk? Just let us know before the session. You can pay us by cheque, but we prefer bank transfer. Send a text to Ailien and she will send you the details.

We walk in all safe weather conditions – if a walk is cancelled, we will contact you to let you know. Please check for text messages or Meetup messages before leaving home!

(if you haven’t got your Freedom Pass yet, the best place to start is by signing up for one of our free taster sessions, or one of our four week Learn to Nordic Walk Courses. That’s where you will learn all the techniques to get the best out of your workout walks!)