Freedom cards

Nordic Walking, Freedom Card

What does the card do?

Fit and Happy Outdoors is proud to take part in the FREEDOM card scheme. As a Nordic Walking UK delivery partner, we are able to give you this card when you complete the ‘Learn to Nordic Walk’ programme. This 4 session course is a developed by Nordic Walking UK and covers the basic Nordic Walking technique. With it, we make sure you master how to Nordic walk at the correct level in order to achieve your own personal fitness and wellbeing goals.

The FREEDOM card is your PASSPORT to walks and events with participating Instructors across the UK. It proves you have reached the standard to be able to join in with no further tuition and that a qualified Instructor has completed a health check and taught you the correct level of Nordic walking for you.

Card holders also benefit from a 10% off at the NWUK shop, 15% off at Cotswolds Outdoors and other great offers. For more information, see the Nordic Walking UK benefits page.