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Hello and welcome to Fit and Happy outdoors!

My name is Ailien* and nothing makes me happier than taking you Outdoors. Yup, Outdoors is a big word. It could mean the wilderness in Greenland, but also the park right next to your door. Anywhere outdoors, it is such wonderful place to make you fitter, healthier and happier. It works better than medicine and it gives me chance to get to know you. And that makes me happy, so prepare to be hugged!

When I was in school exercise was all about catching, throwing, hitting or kicking a ball, and being not much good at either of those, it made me apprehensive about exercise and my physical abilities.

In the meantime I went skiing in my holidays and loved it. Being outside, whizzing off a slope, enjoying the company of friends, admiring the beauty of the nature around me, getting really scared or frustrated when I pushed myself to try steeper or more bumpy slopes, it made me feel alive and happy. I never thought that was exercise too.

At the same time I went on crazy long hikes with the Scouts and tried river rafting or canoeing. Years later I discovered sea kayaking. The more I paddled, more I loved it and I never once thought about it as exercise.

What makes you feel alive?

Five years ago I lost my finance job and I felt so tired, betrayed and ashamed I ended up depressed, anxious and burned out. Burnout taught me what is truly important in life: Friends, family, love, laughter and being really active and really still in nature. Wonder about the beauty of nature, the sounds, the smells, the unexpected encounters with wildlife. Helping others, teaching. Those are the things that make me come alive. That is what gets rid of my stress and anxiety. Being grateful, being proud of what I achieve, no matter how small. And to my surprise I found out that the harder I pushed myself doing exercise, the better I felt too.

You don’t have to go far to enjoy the outdoors

Nordic Walking took away boundaries and excuses. I didn’t have to go far, I didn’t need a car to get out and I didn’t have to figure out the logistics of carrying gear around. I live in Southeast London and if I get on my bike, there are at least 6 beautiful parks within 12 minutes from my home. Nordic Walking boosted my fitness, burned excess fat, challenged my coordination and strengthened my muscles. Being out amongst the green and walking with friends made me feel happy and alive again.

Let us inspire you

I care about you. I want you to be yourself. I want you to be alive. I want you to be healthy. I want you to discover how much fun exercise can be. Come out and play in nature. Not because you should but because it is fun and it makes you feel good.

You can be fit or unfit, fat or skinny, stressed-out, uncoordinated or scared right now. You can be yourself. I won’t expect you to be perfect. I will help you find out that you can learn to do anything you want, as long as you enjoy it. Your body already knows how to do it. I will help you to stop your mind getting in the way.

During our sessions I dispense hugs freely, encourage crazy dance moves and laughter and open your eyes to the beauty and serenity of the nature that surrounds us even in the city. I will help you feel alive and healthy. I will help you relax and get rid of your gremlins. Because when you feel healthy and happy, your body will follow suit.

I care about you. I care about your well-being. I care that you are healthy.

e: t: 078 078 3456 4.

*I know, Ailien looks unpronouncable and don’t even start with my surname, but don’t worry; Ailien is pronounced just like the Irish version: Eileen

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