Nordic Workout Walks

Nordic_Walking Hills and cows tn
Nordic Workout Walks – Using Nordic Walking poles and techniques, we make Working Out a walk in the park! This is exercise that suits everyone. Soft on the joints, great for neck, shoulder and back, and easy on the knees and joints. Most of our clients feel relief within a couple of sessions.

Our Workout walks always last approximately one hour. These walks are designed to get results, and to make you feel healthier, fitter and happier soon. We make sure you work at a level that will get the most out of every step you take. Our focus is on progression, variety… and fun! We will use your existing skills and build on it, making sure you keep motivated and inspired!

Our intermediate and advanced Workout Walks include our famous four minute High Intensity Interval Training. Yes, only four minutes, but so, so, so effective! And we guarantee, you will even think it is fun!

Never done Nordic Walking before, then please first sign up for our four week technique classes. In these four weeks we have ample of time to show you the basic techniques, that are quite simple when you get the hang of it, but can be pretty confusing when you just start. Doing the four week course is much nicer for you, and you won’t feel you are holding up the group of more experienced Nordic Walkers either.

Once you have completed the four week Learn to Nordic Walk course, you can take part in any of our walks, weekends and holidays. In order to participate in a walk, please RSVP on Meetup or text us before 8 pm the evening before.

We walk in all safe weather conditions – if a walk is cancelled, we will contact you to let you know (We can only do so if we know you are coming!)Please check for text messages before leaving home or join our Meetup Group to receive updates.

Sydenham woods:

Monday 7.00 pm: Workout walk and strength training

We meet at the entrance gate of Cox’s walk, opposite the closed down pub that used to be called the Harvester, at the junction of the South circular and Lordship lane. In summer we will explore this beautiful ancient woodland, part of what once was the great North wood. In winter we tend to stay in the well lit area of Cox’s walk. We combine Nordic Walking with our Gymstick bungies to turn this session into a fun and super effective training. Great if you plan to go skiing this winter!

Burgess Park:

Tuesday 8.45 am: Workout walk for fairly fast walkers. But it’s a bit of a nature watch session too!

We meet at Chumleigh Gardens cafe in Burgess Park, London SE5 ORN.

Brockwell Park:

Wednesday 10:00 am: Workout Walk
Thursday 7.30 am: Workout walk
Friday 10:00 am: Workout Walk
Saturday 8.00 am: Workout walk

We meet in the Blackbird Bakery in Herne Hill (230 Railton Road, London SE24 0JT)

Dulwich Park:

Thursday 9.15 am: Workout Walk – meet in the Pavillion Cafe in the middle of Dulwich Park (College Road, London SE21 7BQ)

Fees for Workout Walks:

Most of our members prepay for 10 walks: £89.00
Single session: £10.00 (or £12.50 if you’d like to hire our poles)

Need poles? Check our shop. Need a bit of help? Here is a useful guide to help you choose the best poles for you. Feel free to give us a ring if you need more help. We are happy to advise you on the best poles for your lifestyle, needs and wishes.

Joining A Walk

New to Fit and Happy Outdoors? Please fill in the registration and health questionaire, which you can find here and email them to at least 24 hours before the session, mentioning in the header which walk you want to join. That will give us enough time to get back to you and discuss your needs and experience.

Contact Details for Booking or Cancelling a Walk:

Please sign up for our Meetup Group to easily RSVP and find out when the next walks are.

Or like us on Facebook to keep up with the latest news.

There you can also find the phone details of the instructor running the session you are interested in.
We don’t always bring our big heavy bag of poles, so make sure you text the instructor of your walk to let us know if you’d like to make use of our poles!