1-to-1 sessions

Nordic Walking turns a walk into a workout

Not much time?

Can’t do any of our regular walks, or would you like a bit more personal attention? Would you like us to have a more precise look at your walking gait or posture?

We offer 1-to-1 sessions too.

Just call us for a timeslot that suits both your schedule and ours.


Just not confident to train with others?

However, if you are thinking of a 1:1 session because of your past experience with exercise classes, and that has put you off being a group, maybe consider the following first:

Most people who contact us have no previous experience of Nordic Walking. And most will start out with a taster session, followed by a 4-week course in the same time slot, so that everyone in in your class for the first five weeks will be at exactly the same stage as you. Our training classes are small (no more than 8) and we make sure they are fun, friendly and inclusive.

No matter if you are a fast walker or a slow walker, coordinated or not, fit or haven’t moved for ages, we will make sure no-one will feel left behind and gets the exercise they need. By the time you finish your course and receive your Freedom card, we are sure you will have some nice friends to keep walking with!

Still prefer one or more personal sessions?

Prices for our Nordic Walking 1-to-1 sessions are:
Price per session: £45
Prepay 4 sessions: £157.50 (a reduction of 12.5%)
Prepay 10 sessions: £360 (a reduction of 20%)

And group session or not, the first session is always free. That way you can find out if you like what we are doing, ask all your questions, and see how we can help you reach your goals.

Give us a call on 020 3627 0527 and let us find a time that suits your needs!