Explore Green London

Thames, Hampton Court and Bushy Park

Explore Green London

Explore green London and Nordic Walking. A great combination! For this walk we will start our walk where we ended our last Thames walk: in Teddington. From the station we will retrace our steps to the river Thames and follow the river westward until we see Hampton Court. We will cross the river to have a closer look, then explore Bushy Park behind the palace.

Along the river we will pass locks, sailing clubs and stately houses. We will not have time to visit Hampton Court palace itself, but we can admire some of the manicured gardens on our way. Bushy Park is a beautiful park, with many deer. This walk takes us on a tour of the park. I look forward to the diversity of this walk, the spacious views along the river and the spring flowers.

Will you join us on this walk?

How to get there:

We will meet at 9.20 am in front of the FCB coffee shop next to Denmark Hill station, aiming to take the 9.36 am overground train to Clapham Junction. From there we aim for the 10.06 train to Teddington (platform 5) which should arrive at Teddington at 10.35 am.

If this is easier for you, you can also meet us in Teddington or somewhere along the way. If you do get the train at a different station, please make sure you text me on 078 078 3456 4 to tell me you plan to do that, and then again once you are on it, and in which carriage you are, so we don’t get all worried that you are not there! 🙂

Teddington is within the Oyster and 60+ Freedom card zone, so there is no need to buy tickets in advance.

Terrain and length of the route:

The route is about 8.5 miles/ 113.5 kilometres. This walk is mostly flat and paved, but we will walk on a variety of terrain, with some uneven grassy paths.

It is March, so puddles and mud can be expected. Please bring good footwear.

Toilets, food/drinks & what to bring:

I suggest we bring a pick-nick and enjoy your lunch outside. It is a great idea to bring a flask, so you have something warm to drink for on the way if you get a bit cold. There are a few café’s and pubs along the route, so if the weather isn’t nice enough to eat outside, we could stop at one of those to eat inside and warm up.

I have a reputation to uphold, so I am counting on sunny weather, but this walk will happen in any weather, unless it is unsafe. Please check the forecast and bring your waterproofs and shoes with a good grippy profile. Waterproof trainers are highly recommended.

Who can join?

Anyone who can comfortably walk 8.5 miles. Feel free to bring a friend or family member, with or without poles. Nordic Walker or not, you are very welcome to join us, if you are Fit (enough) and Happy! 😊

Are you a Nordic walker but don’t have your own poles? Would you like to borrow some from me? Text me THE MORNING OF THE WALK on 078 078 3456 4 and I will bring you some. (please, please do not ask me for poles days before the walk unless you remind me the morning of the walk, or risk walking without poles.)


£10 or, if you are one of our regular Fit and Happy Outdoors walkers, one stamp on your 10 session card. Genuinely poverty stricken? £5

(Train tickets and food or drinks at café not included)

If you would like to borrow some of my poles, please make sure to text me ON THE MORNING OF THE WALK! Please, please don’t ask me a week in advance. I am sure I will forget otherwise and I would hate to disappoint you.

Need poles?

Don’t have your own poles? Would you like to borrow some from me? Text me the MORNING OF THE WALK on 078 078 3456 4 and I will bring you some. (please, please do not ask me days before, as I will forget and that will make us both unhappy!)

Thinking about buying your own?
Check our shop for a great range of poles. Too much choice? You might like to read this useful guide first. Feel free to give us a ring, we are happy to advise you on the best poles for your lifestyle, needs and wishes.

Joining A Walk

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