Fright Night walk and Haloween Party

Burgess Park

Fright Night walk and Haloween Party

Mad Old Bats, Witches and Wizzards, Ghosts and Pumpkins, please get your outfit ready, adorn yourself with some lights* and get ready for our Fright Night walk!

Please save the date and join us for the 4th annual Fit and Happy Outdoors Fright night walk. As is the tradition by now, it will be followed by our famous Chilli and Pumpkin soup and we might find some Marshmallows for on the campfire too!

Bring a bottle of whatever you fancy to drink, we will take care of all the food.
Can’t make it for the walk? Please join us anyway! The walk will last about an hour, so if you can be there by 7.30 you will not (yet) find the bat in the pot.

The specifics:

How to get there:

Bus: nearest stop: Old Kent Road/Tesco
The nearest entrance to the park is opposite Tesco. Walk into the park. We are ca 200 yards on your left, just before the lake.

Car: Best place to park is on Cobourg road. You will find the entrance to the park just past the school on your left. Follow the lake to your right. We are ca 100 yards on your right hand side, just befor the T crossing.

Please do not park in the Burgess Park car park. It will close at 7 pm and you will not be able to get your car out when you want to leave!

Don’t like to walk alone in the dark? Post something in the comments below. I am sure you can hook up with someone else so you can travel/walk together.

Please take note of my mobile 078 078 3456 4, just in case you can’t find us!

Terrain and length of the route:

We will walk on tarmac and grass (but this year we will make sure not to walk in the wooded area where the ground is very uneven)

Toilets, food/drinks & what to bring:

We will take care of all the food, you just bring whatever you like to drink!
Spooky Outfits are highly appreciated.
Fairy lights on batteries, or little pole lights. If you want to bring a head torch make sure it is pointing down and doesn’t ruin other people’s night vision!
No promises, but we will try to persuade the park manager to leave the toilets open for us.

This walk will happen in any weather, unless it is unsafe, so bring your waterproofs and (preferably waterproof) shoes with a good grippy profile.

I am optimistic about the weather and have a reputation to uphold, so I am counting on nice dry weather, but make sure you bring a warm sweater and a warm jacket. It is the end of October so chances are you will get a bit chilly otherwise (although we will try to heat you up with our campfire and firey chilli!)

Who can join?

Anyone who is batty enough to join this Feast! Feel free to bring a friend or family member, with or without poles. Nordic Walkers or not, that doesn’t matter, as long as they are Fit (enough) and Happy! 😊

If you have ever walked with us at Silverfit Burgess park, and you are comfortable walking in the medium/social walking group speed you will be fine, and if you walk with me in any of our Fit and Happy Outdoors walks, you will be totally fine too.

Never walked with us before? Please complete the Registration and health forms and return to It is absolutely neccessary that we have these forms before the event!

Are you a Nordic walker but don’t have your own poles? Would you like to borrow some from me? Text me on 078 078 3456 4 and I will bring you some.


£10 or:
if you are one of our regular Fit and Happy Outdoors walkers, one stamp on your 10 session card.
If you are genuinely poverty stricken- £5

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