Advantages of Nordic Walking

There are so many advantages of Nordic Walking, where shall we start? Many of our clients find that it improves their health and wellbeing by making them fitter, stronger and happier, and that it even reduces knee and back pain caused by arthritis. Often people go home with a spring in their step, feeling rejuvenated and ready for the rest of the day.

So how do we do that?

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Nordic Walking makes you stronger and fitter

You don’t need heavy weights in order to get stronger and fitter. With Nordic Walking, we simply put every major muscle to work. Even though the levels of resistance are relatively low, as you walk, you will make thousands of repetitions without even thinking. In the average person, the effect is the same as in a gym – just less painful!

“Nordic Walking is like cross-country skiing without the skis. By using the lightweight poles to propel your stride, you add the large muscles of your upper body to your standard walking workout. Besides toning your arms, shoulders, and chest muscles (and believe us, you do ‘feel the burn’ if you push hard), you also boost your cardiovascular workout. Holding the poles forces you to swing your arms. All in all, you will burn 30% or more calories than walking without the poles, according to research at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.”

Nordic Walking makes you happier

Exercise really helps you feel better and happier. In fact, it can help with a whole range of psychological and mental health conditions, it can even improve your memory! And Nordic Walking ticks some other boxes of lifestyle changes you can make to feel happier too: Being out in nature (your local parks might surprise you!), relaxation and stress reduction, having fun and socialising with others, it is all part of Nordic Walking!

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Nordic Walking makes your bones stronger

It’s well established that low-impact weight bearing exercise is an important factor in the fight to ward off the effects of age-related osteoporosis. Forcing the bones to carry the weight of the body helps them to become denser and stronger as they are encouraged to pick up and use the calcium that a good diet, supplements or medication will supply.

Doctors will often prescribe regular walking for sufferers of osteoporosis, but then also have to recommend some form of resistance workout to ensure the needs of the upper body body are also met. But with Nordic Walking we use all our muscles at once and kill two birds with one stone!

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Nordic Walking takes the Pressure off your Joints

Because part of the body’s weight is shifted from the spine to the shoulders, upper back and arms, many walkers with joint problems find walking with poles significantly less painful than that without poles, or even with a walking stick. You will feel the difference in posture immediately. And as your muscles get stronger and more flexible, they will support your lower back, hips and knees much better and tension and pain will be relieved. Another advantage is that the rotating movement will lubricate the joints and spine, creating more space and freedom in movement. And we promise, you will love our specifically designed gentle stretches at the end of each session too.

Now that you’ve learned a little about what Nordic Walking is and how it works, why not find out what it could do for you? Click on the Meetup logo to sign up now. Questions? Or rather speak to us in person? Call us on 078 078 3456 4, we will be delighted to speak to you.