4 August: Join us for a BBQ and celebrate that Ailien is not 50 yet!

I would be delighted if you would join me to celebrate my birthday, and that I have another year of not being 50 yet! 😉

My actual birthday is on Wednesday, but the weather doesn’t look to attractive tomorrow night, so we will do it on Friday evening instead. There is no need to bring any pressies; just bring yourself, a smile, a friend if you wish, some drinks and one dish to share. You can bring a salad, something to griddle, a nice bread, or anything you fancy. It will be a nice surprise to see what we end up with!

I will make sure we will have a big bag of coal, plates, cups and cutlery. Don’t forget to bring something warm and maybe a picknick blanket to sit on, just in case!

Please click here for more information and to let me know you are planning to join us.