4 March: Last minute tips for Big Half

Here are some Tips for if you are Nordic Walking the Big Half (marathon)!

Most of the documentation you have received from the Big Half is written for runners, but it might be slightly different if you are Nordic Walking.

1) You do not have to use the bag drop! Runners don’t like having a backpack on their backs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. Please dress the way you feel comfortable for a walk in 5 degrees celcius. Keep your jacket on, and use a backpack if you have been using this in your training walks.

2) Dress in multiple thin layers. At the start we are bound to be hanging around for a while, and it will be cold! So please dress accordingly. By now you know that you can get warm from walking fast, so it is a great idea to be able to take some layers off along the way. If you are wearing a backpack you can put these in your backpack.

3) Silverfit T-shirt: Putting on your Silverfit T-shirt on top of all your layers can be awkward. Besides, your race number would be on top of Silverfit’s logo. So, why not pin your T-shirt on the back of your backpack, so everyone can see who you walk for?

4) Connecting your race number: I don’t really want to pin anything on my expensive Gore-tex jacket, do you? Does your backpack have a chest and hip strap? Pin your number to those! Your number will be on the right height. Just make sure you connect your number in such a way, you can still easily get in and out of your backpack!

5) You can connect your timing chip ahead of time. You don’t have to wait for the morning of the race to connect your chip. You can do it now, or tonight! Here is a handy video that shows you how.

6) Need to adjust something or stop during the race: When you stop for any reason, to put the extra sweater you no longer need in your backpack, to blow your nose, or to eat a snack, please find a place a little out of the way where it is safe to stop, so you don’t hinder any other participants.

7) Please be aware of your poles. I know you have been warned a number of times of this, but please be very aware that your poles could be a dangerous weapon. It is so, so easy to forget, and I know I do sometimes, but please be very careful to always to ‘click off’ and to disconnect your poles, for instance when blowing your nose or adjusting your zip!

8) Travel tips: Buses will be diverted away from Tower Bridge, which means that for those of you who live south of the river, we need to find a different way to get to Tower Hill. Please check your times. The Overground/DLR option might not arrive in time, as the first Overground of the day is quite late.

9) Don’t feel comfortable travelling or arriving alone? Let us travel together! It will be hard to meet each other close to the start point, as there will be so many people around there, and there aren’t any nice meeting spots around. Some of you are meeting David at our place at 7 am, but that is not convenient for everybody.

If you want, you can meet me at 7.20 at Elephant and Castle station by the Northern Line entrance. We will aim to go get the 7.35 Northern Line tube to Bank, then walk to the District Line, which should arrive by 7.55 at Tower Hill station. My number is 078 078 3456 4.

You can also use this number if you try to find us at the start. I prefer text messages and will not listen to voicemail. If I don’t pick up, text me (make sure to include your name in the message) and I will try to call you back.