Join our Easter walk! East London Bluebells and Ancient forests

Looking forward to Easter? Me too! And what better day than Easter Monday to explore ancient forests and woodlands in a lesser known part of London? Join us on Easter Monday for an adventurous Easter Walk, starting only 35 minutes from Denmark Hill station.

This walk will lead us through grasslands, heaths and ancient forests, and will end by the intriguing ruin of Lesnes Abbey. Lesnes Abbey Wood is one of the best places to enjoy bluebells and anemones near us and, if we are lucky, we might find some wild garlic too. Starting in Falconwood, we will cross Shepherdleas Wood, Oxleas Wood, Shooters Hill, Bostall Woods and Bostall Heath before we end our walk in Abbey Wood.

This is one of my favourite walks and Easter is the perfect time to enjoy it. I look forward to the sea of bluebells at the end of our walk.

Will you join us?

How to get there:

We will take the 10.18 am train from Denmark Hill.
This train is the train to Dartfort and starts in Victoria. It also stops in Peckham Rye (10.21 am), Nunhead (10.23 am) and Lewisham (10.32 am), before it reaches Falconwood at 10.43 am.
You can either meet us at Denmark Hill at 10 am, or you can join us later on the train. Please take note of my mobile 078 078 3456 4, just in case you can’t find us!
I wouldn’t recommend driving to Falconwood, as this is not a circular walk. Our walk will end in Abbeywood, where we can take the train back to Denmark Hill.

Terrain and length of the route:

The route is about 7 kilometres, but might be slightly longer as we wander around Abbey wood to enjoy the bluebells, anemones, and wild garlic.
This walk follows some paved paths, but quite a lot of unpaved paths, and there are some hilly bits along the way.

Toilets, Food/drinks & what to bring:

I suggest we bring a pick-nick and enjoy our lunch outside, but if the weather isn’t very attractive for eating outside, there are a few cafes and pubs along this route, so we have the option of warming up with a hot drink and maybe something to eat inside.
Don’t forget to bring something to drink for on the way.
Just in case the British tradition of rainy bank holidays is stronger than my Sun Angel powers, bring your waterproofs and (preferably waterproof) shoes with a good grippy profile. A small umbrella and a plastic bag to sit on can make a rainy lunch break a little bit more comfortable.
But I am optimistic about the weather and have a reputation to uphold, so I am counting on sunny weather! So don’t forget to bring a sunhat/cap and sunscreen too.

Who can join?

Anyone who is fit enough to walk 7 km over slightly uneven ground, with some hilly bits along the route.

If you have ever walked with us at Silverfit Burgess park, and you are comfortable walking in the medium/social walking group speed you will be fine, and if you walk with me in any of our Fit and Happy Outdoors walks, you will be totally fine too.

Feel free to bring a friend or family member, with or without poles. You don’t have to be a Nordic Walker (yet), that doesn’t matter, as long as you are Fit (enough) and Happy! 😊

Are you a Nordic walker but don’t have your own poles? Would you like to borrow some from me? Text me on 078 078 3456 4 and I will bring you some.


£10 or, if you are one of our regular Fit and Happy Outdoors walkers, one stamp on your 10 session card.
If you are genuinely poverty stricken £5

(Train tickets and food or drinks at café not included)

How can I sign up?

Please sign up through our Meetup page at least 24 hours before the walk starts.
If you are not yet on Meetup, you can text me on 078 078 3456 4. Please include your full name and how many of you would like to join. Also, if you’d like to borrow some of my poles, please make sure to text me! I have a limited supply of poles, so first come, first serve!